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Our office is equipped with a Kodak limited field (low radiation) 3D-Scan that is specifically designed for use in endodontics. The CBCT scan produces a three-dimensional image of the tooth and surrounding bone. Fractures, missed canals, bone loss, and pre-surgical or retreatment planning, are areas that have improved significantly since the incorporation of this exciting technology to endodontics. The details and information obtained from the scan represent a marked increase in diagnostic and treatment planning accuracy.
Dr. Jakob has completed research and written on the topic and quote, "The use of 3D computed tomography in the treatment planning of failing root canals.” Use of the scan requires an understanding of what to look for and where to look for it! In the past when deciding if a tooth can be saved a patient would often have to undergo an exploratory surgery. Now all that is needed is a simple scan and accurate reading of that scan in order to produce optimal tooth saving results.

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CBCT Imaging: Service
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